Oak Conservatory in St. Neot, Cornwall

This job is an oak conservatory I recently designed, fabricated and erected in St Neot, Cornwall. The client really loved the knee braces and wanted lots of them. I also did the glazing and the connections to the building. Slate and lead and french door work by others. The client was really quite pleased. We have a video for this project which is available to watch here.

Cury Barns on The Lizard in Cornwall

This job on Cury Barns is in phase 1 and was a collaboration with a friend and framer, Stuart Carter. 6 weeks of workshop time countless design time hours and 1 day with a crane for a barn on the Lizard in Cornwall. The timbers were planned and finished with Osmo raw, a white hued hard wax oil. The pyramid could be described as a sling braced boss pyramid, engineered with a m16 stainless threaded bar to resist the forces of the design. Here's a video of this project available to watch here.

Wells Cathedral

An inspiring job, working with COWco. To make 10 Arched braced truss frames for the new choral building at Wells Cathedral.

Oak Framed Extension In Buckfastleigh

A large glazed kitchen extension. A tag teamed job with Dan Richards.

The Big Shed / Hooke Park

A collaboration of 20 or so epic carpenters in Dorset for 3 months making the Archetectural Association Design & make shed.

Neil & Beatrice Kernow

A local job in Stithians to fabricate and install 3 sling brace trusses.

Chidingstone Orangery

A glazed timber engineering job consisting of a ply ring beam and sweet chestnut lathe double layered shell with stainless adjustable nodes. With Cowco.

Gate For The Orchard – Truthwell Farm, St. Aubyns

Olivia modelling the Ash gate sourced and planked from a tree in the same field. A slightly over sized but sturdy gate for my orchard.

Sandgate Lane – East Sussex

A larch glulam timber structure with double glazed external glazing. This job intailed using some interesting hidden ironmongery using stainless pins to locate the holes within.

Design & Build For Aisha Rowe – Costa Rica

I was lucky enough to design and get invovled with the making of this incredible place in Costa Rica. Situated on the edge of the jungle and 5 minutes from the beach, you couldn't wish for a more inspiring busmans holiday.

Oak Frame Building For Sandie & Ollie

A oak framed job on the lizzard through Matt Robinson designs.

Oak Framed Porch – Porch On The Lizard

A great addition to any house to give that sense of grandeur!

Old Mill Bridge – Brighton

One of my favourite jobs designed by my friend Gawain. An 8m Oak bridge with 2 curved carriage beams. Built this on site whilst teaching Gawain and a few others the some of the tricks of the trade.

Mount Careless Farm

Another job through Matt Robinson design studio. A "T" shaped building in plan, consisting of 4 king post trusses, Ridge beams and plates. We also cut the softwood roof and installed the roof envelope.

Wedding Commission For Henry & Liz

A great commision for some old friends in Kingston, London

James & Anna’s Woodstore

Well more James's dream really. He hankered after a fast drying log store to maximise the use of all his fires in the house and for his pizza oven. I designed it in Sketchup and then installed the concrete  foundations erected the dougals fir frame and finnished off the roof with Ceder shingle tiles. Very happy client!


A job designed by Matt Robinson and project managed by me over a period of 4 months. Finishing details by us. Door from Micheal Eddy joinery. With Phillip Woodcock, Stewart Carter, Joe Reynolds, Rz roofing.  

Glazing Repairs, Penzance

A very rattly huge single glazed roof/green "house" in a windy corner of the world! Partly restoration and partly instillation. Fixed with Western red Ceder cover boards with EPDM tape, compressed to apply pressure to the glass, solve leaks, stop rattles and conserve the woodwork inside.